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tmn charts Chart Analysis June 26, 2019

Radio’s most-played acts of the 21st century are ruling the TMN Hot 100

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Radio’s most-played acts of the 21st century are ruling the TMN Hot 100

Australian radio’s most dominant artists of the last two decades are commanding the upper echelons on the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart.

As it stands, Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber’s ‘I Don’t Care’, P!NK’s ‘Can We Pretend’ and Katy Perry’s ‘Never Really Over’ comprise the Top 3 positions.

The foursome boast some of the finest Hot 100 records to date. Together, they’ve reached the #1 position 36 times dating back to the chart’s inception over 20 years ago.

P!NK is the all-time leader with 14 chart-toppers, nearly double that of Perry (eight) who sits in equal-second place. Sheeran & Bieber hold seven #1s each with features accounting for more than half of Bieber’s tally.

Delta Goodrem is the only act with seven or more #1s to not appear in the current Top 3. The Aussie singer has sent eight singles to the top of the chart dating back to 2002’s ‘Born To Try’.

Since her debut single, P!NK averages a new #1 every 1.4 years, with Perry and Bieber sporting similar records. Sheeran has the best frequency of the lot, ascending to the summit every 1.14 years on average.

Universal Music Australia has the most artists with a minimum of three #1 hits, followed by Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Australia and EMI Music Australia.

Here is the list of artists with the most #1s on the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart.

14 – P!NK (SME)

8 – Delta Goodrem (SME)

8 – Katy Perry (EMI)

7 – Ed Sheeran (WMA)

7 – Justin Bieber (UMA)

6 – Maroon 5 (UMA)

6 – Rihanna (UMA)

6 – Taylor Swift (UMA)

5 – Calvin Harris (UMA)

5 – Coldplay (WMA)

4 – Avril Lavigne (BMG)

3 – Adele (INERTIA)

3 – Bruno Mars (WMA)

3 – Guy Sebastian (SME)

3 – Lady Gaga (UMA)

3 – Lil Wayne (UMA)

3 – Macklemore (WMA)

3 – Pharrell Williams (SME)

3 – Sam Smith (EMI)

3 – The Fray (SME)

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