News October 27, 2015

Paris Hilton ft. Lil Wayne: Good Time

There is a small pocket of people – myself included – that genuinely believe that Paris Hilton’s 2006 debut single Stars Are Blind is a great pop song. Sadly this is not. None of the aforementioned single’s breezy indifference, island vibes and laconic delivery has been carried across to her debut Cash Money Records single, and instead we are treated to a bog-standard house track – which would be fine if Good Time wasn’t already fated by Hilton’s public persona.

Truthfully if this single was released by any other artist, it would be a hit, but Hilton has proven so polarising that nothing short of an Adele-style smash will really suffice, and as you listen you can’t help but sense those in the wings with their claws out, waiting to pounce. Lil Wayne’s involvement – and recent championing of Paris – is yet another reason why this track won’t be as successful as it deserves to be, with Weezy-lovers all too ready to hate on this. The fact that he phones his verse in says more about the recent syrup-stained quality of his work, and less about this track – they’ll all blame Paris, regardless. Luckily, as she says in this song, she doesn’t really give a fuck.

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