News November 24, 2021

OzTix celebrates 18th birthday with rebrand and new website

OzTix celebrates 18th birthday with rebrand and new website
Pictured: OzTix co-founders Stuart Field and Brian Chladil.

Independent ticketing company OzTix is celebrating its 18th birthday with a rebrand today.

The refresh comes alongside a brand new website, which comes with a “smart homepage”, offering what is described as a unique browsing experience for each user.

The company likens the experience to a “well-used Spotify or Netflix home page”, with OzTix now recommending concerts and events to you based on customer profile data, including browser interaction, previous purchases and algorithmic learning.

The OzTix team took stock during the pandemic, and have since made numerous updates to its website and other operations. In addition to the personalised homepage, customers will now be able to use Zip Pay when buying their tickets, as well as being able to resell them through Tixel.

Pictured: OzTix’s new homepage

In addition, promoters will now be able to compare ticket sales across their events, split settlements, ask customers tailored questions during the purchase process as well as bundle in products with ticket purchases.

“COVID saw us close to losing everything, but it has ended up being a blessing in disguise,” OzTix co-founder Stuart ‘Stu’ Field said.

“We are now a much stronger, more resilient business who spent the downtime developing new innovative technology and refining our processes, so we are able to meet client demands coming out the other side.”

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