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News November 25, 2019

Oetha’s new track has a powerful message about domestic abuse

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Oetha’s new track has a powerful message about domestic abuse
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First Nations female trio Oetha have dropped a track ‘Disturbing The Peace’ today (November 25) to mark International Day of Elimination of Violence Towards Women.

“I love him so much I can’t really leave/But I’m sick of him constantly making me bleed” spits out one rhyme. The kiss-with-a-fist video is gritty and confronting, tracing a relationship from “clowning-around” where “warning signs” are missed.

With no emotional or physical dash to freedom in sight, it moves to the female character battered on “a cold bathroom floor” to “in disbelief” by a hospital bed looking at her injuries and fuming “that I let him live was my other regret.”

Repeated warnings to the abusive misogynist about what would happen if the violence plays out in the final scene.

There is a crucial reason for the song (featuring Talei Wolfgramm & Rap Angel) and video having such accurate details from a female and indigenous perspective about domestic violence. All three members, Lady Lash, Miss Hood and Dizzy Doolan, have been victims.

Doolan (Charmaine Doolan-Armstrong) says, “Domestic violence almost took my life… and I also witnessed it almost taking my mother’s life too. My memories are traumatic, but I have used my music to help me heal those wounds and turn my pain to power.

“I hope it can help give a voice to the voiceless and encourage women and men to be strong and seek support instead of going through it alone. The ultimate achievement is to save lives and keep women and children safe. “

Lady Lash (Crystal Clyne) reveals: “I was in a DV relationship when I was younger and after the final blow, I said this isn’t love, I’m worthy to have a safe and happy life not only for me but my children.”

“I hope this song and its visuals reach as many people around the world who are in a domestic violence relationship and are hoping to get out, to open up conversations and awareness around such a traumatic time either it be past present or signs of future abuse.

“There is a way out before it’s too late. When sitting on a sharp pin, when is it enough to get off?”

Research from the 2016 ABC Personal Safety Survey and Australian Institute of Criminology shows that both men and women in Australia experience substantial levels of violence.

Specifically about women:

  • 1 in 6 Australian women experienced abuse before the age of fifteen.
  • Indigenous women are 32 x more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence than non-indigenous women.
  • 92% of women who identify as LGBTQIA+ have experienced sexual harassment in their lifetime.
  • Australian police deal with domestic violence every two minutes.

Miss Hood (Meriki Hood) sums up, “I’ve lost that many friends and family members to DV and the trauma continues to carry from one generation to the next – it’s time to talk so we can heal.”

The name Oetha [pronounced O-E-tha] is an acronym for Our Earth The Heart Acknowledges.

‘Disturbing The Peace’, is their third single, after ‘Sista Girl and ‘Cruisn’ with an EP due in early 2020.


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