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News June 20, 2019

Nine slammed by BTS fans for “disgusting and racist” segment

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Nine slammed by BTS fans for “disgusting and racist” segment

The Nine Network has come under fire for a segment aired about K-Pop kings BTS on its popular countdown show 20 to 1.

The episode numbered the Top 20 global crazes, with BTS at #18. But BTS’ fans around the globe took strong offence to the segment.

Co-host Erin Molan labelled the seven-piece outfit “the biggest band you’ve never heard of”, before explaining “only one band member speaks English”.

UK Comedian Jimmy Carr weighs in with “when I first heard something Korean had exploded in America, I got worried… so it could have been worse. But not much worse.”

Shortly afterwards, #channel9apologize was the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter in Australia.

Billboard K-pop editor Jeff Benjamin told TMN the segment made Nine look “very out of touch with what’s actually resonating with young people and quite lazy as entertainers.

“What’s perhaps most unfortunate to me as a journalist though is how the program actually did some substantial research into BTS’ careers, like seeing they spoke at the United Nations, but diminished and belittled such accomplishments into wisecracks.”

Benjamin also said that the issue was likely a matter of race, and suggested: “If this band were white, I don’t think cracks about how many members there are or jabs at their lyrics would be as present.”

Comedian Alex Williamson felt differently, tweeting “it ain’t racist they just don’t give a fuck about boy bands who are designed solely to extract $ from the hip pocket of 14yo’s.”

That tweet only served to escalate the issue, and #firealexwilliamson began trending.

In classic form, Williamson embraced the hashtag, tweeted “I don’t work guys” and went on to suggest that it was a wider “boybands are a gimmick” issue.

Nova’s Tim Blackwell and singer-actor Rob Mills also appeared in the segment.

TMN contacted reps for Nine and Williamson for comment, but neither responded.


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