News December 20, 2018

Nic Kelly’s four Aussie artists to watch in 2019

Nic Kelly’s four Aussie artists to watch in 2019

Radio broadcaster and music label head gets around four Aussie up-and-comers who are destined to go next level in 2019.

Zac Sunset

I came across this superb independent Melbourne kid earlier this year – he’s completely unpredictable and unboxable and it’s why he’s the future. He looks like a rapper, but he’s extremely pop and in his latest single he’s singing over 80s synths, a right-now beat and wild guitar riffs whilst emotionally injecting The 1975 vibes. I can’t pick exactly what it is about him I love so much, but this kid is very special, impeccably genuine and absolutely a star in the making. 

Those who know, know. But Kira was the music industry’s best kept secret until the start of this year. She is a passionate, catchy and show-stopping force to be reckoned with. ‘Molotov’ & ‘Tension’ are both master stroke releases from the last twelve months, and I think 2019 will be the year she takes that material closer to the masses. 

Sam Bluer

This guy has set tongues wagging this year. ‘Body High’ was one of pop’s finest moments this year, and new single ‘Bite My Tongue’ has absolutely cemented his status as a big deal for 2019. He’s sexy, sassy, funny and unstoppable – there’s no way he can’t be a big deal. 


A producer/singer/songwriter/angel that can do it all, has a big heart, a divine sense of humour and an increasingly impressive songwriting ability. He was signed earlier this year by TMRW Music, but finding a song on Unearthed that he wrote with his mate Anna about the pressures the world places on you in Year 12 made me realise he just writes stuff straight from his feelings and I think that is a very important thing. 2019 is the year of Bajillionaire.

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