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News June 23, 2021

Sydney venues hit with more restrictions from 4pm today

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Sydney venues hit with more restrictions from 4pm today

Venues in Sydney will have to act quickly to meet new State Government COVID-19 restrictions, which kick in from 4pm today.

Singing and dancing is once again off the table, with the exception of weddings, which are allowed 20 people on a dance floor.

The one person per four square metres rule is back in force, and there is to be “no vertical consumption” at hospitality venues. Major organised outdoor events can proceed, but will likely be restricted to 50% capacity.

In addition, masks are compulsory at indoor venues. Premier Gladys Berejiklian said they will even be recommended at outdoor events, with the exception of when people are eating and drinking.

The mask-wearing mandate will be extended to all workplaces, regardless of their industry or the local government area (LGA) in which they operate.

People who live and work across seven LGAs – City of Sydney, Waverley, Randwick, Canada Bay, Inner West, Bayside, and Woollahra – are also restricted from leaving the Greater Sydney area.

Berejiklian begged for compliance from Sydney residents.

“What is important at this stage is for all our citizens to be aware of the basic things you have put in place and we will trust our citizens to follow everything we have in place and trust people to exercise common sense,” she said.

“Please abandon non-essential activities, please don’t attend social gatherings unless you absolutely must.”

Health minister Brad Hazzard said he knows people will be tempted to find loop holes, but also urged common sense and compliance.

“Wearing masks when you go to the footy, some of these outdoor events, we know the temptation will be to sit there whether mineral water or beer and say well I don’t have to wear the mask because I can make this last for the whole game.

“If you do, you are putting the entire community’s health at risk. This is no time for gameplaying, it is no time for stupidity. This is a very serious situation that we are now in.”

Yesterday, Berejiklian said the response was proportionate to the risk, however today she was unable to rule out further restrictions.

“I am not ruling out any further action, but I am also confident that if we adhere to the health orders today, we will have a good chance of getting on top of this outbreak.

“I am not going to rule out further action, I am not gonna rule out what happens beyond a week, because we don’t know.

“We certainly didn’t expect this situation a few days ago.”


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