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MusicNSW youth grant applications now open

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MusicNSW youth grant applications now open

Applications are now open for MusicNSW’s 2018 Indent Event Development Grants Program for events in 2019.

The grants – funded by the NSW Government through Create NSW – are set up to support young people wishing to launch all-ages, drug and alcohol-free music events in NSW.

With two levels of funding, applications are open to groups of at least give young people between the ages of 12 and 25, in partnership with organisations such as local youth services and councils.

’s managing director says “Live music is something everyone should get to enjoy and sadly it’s pretty hard for people under 18 to get that opportunity in NSW.

“These grants are designed to give young people the chance to put on their own gigs and make their own fun with music they enjoy, as well as provide performance opportunities for young bands across the state.”

Submit your application HERE from now until 5pm on Thursday, September 20.

Previous recipients include 4Elements Hip-hop Festival in Bankstown, LiquidFest in Queanbeyan and Park Lane Festival in Coffs Harbour.

MusicNSW is also offering free 30-minute one-on-one sessions to members wanting to talk through their grant application. More details can be found on their website HERE.

The two grant levels that can be applied for are:

Level 1

Event Development Grants up to $2,500 For first-time Indent teams, with smaller events targeted at a local level.

Suggested events include band nights, band competitions, open mic nights, workshops incorporated with performances.

Level 2

Event Development Grants up to $5,000 For Indent Teams that have previously run an event with a Level 1 grant, and can include multiple/larger scale events.

Suggested events include youth stages at community festivals, all-ages regional tours, events mentorship programs. other music events.

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