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News September 25, 2020

Music streaming is COVID self-care for young Aussies [report]

Music streaming is COVID self-care for young Aussies [report]

Music and audio is being used by Gen Z and Millennials to stay connected and for self-care in a year when physical distancing has taken its toll.

That’s according to Spotify’s latest Culture Next Trends Report, which look at Gen Z insights and cross-generational views on topics impacting culture and trends.

The results of the report found that music streaming is helping Gen Zs and Millennials stay connected, and bond with others who share similar interests in music and audio worldwide.

When asked to name their top form of audio self-care, young Aussies overwhelmingly named music streaming.

“It’s impossible to say exactly how this year’s events will shape our future,” Dawn Ostroff, chief content & advertising business officer at Spotify, said.

“Still, these months have clarified — and in some ways accelerated — cultural trends that Gen Zs and Millennials have been shaping for years.

“At Spotify, we’ve been following those trends closely. We’re excited to share our second annual Culture Next report — and this year’s edition feels more urgent and necessary than ever.”

Some of the key stats to come from the study were:

Bonding with parents – 61% of young Aussies said listening to their parents’ music helped them understand them better, while 78% of parents use music to bond with their kids.

Self-improvement – 34% of Aussie Gen Zs and Millennials add low-BPM tracks to their playlists to concentrate and relax, with Sleep, Mood Booster, Chilled Hits, Lo-Fi Beats, Peaceful Piano and Rain Sounds playlists all featuring in Australia’s Top 20 for 15-25-year olds.

Feeling connected – Two-thirds of Aussie Zs and Millennials said it’s easier to feel connected today thanks to digital platforms, while 76% of podcast listeners said the medium helps them feel particularly connected.

Self-discovery – When asked what helps fuel self-discovery and learning, 62% of young Aussies said music, while 64% cited podcasts.

“Our influential young listeners stream the music and podcasts they love for hours a day, shifting their habits as their moods, passions and moments change. They take us wherever they are,” Ostroff added.

“As all of us strive to press forward in an uncertain time, we hope that Culture Next inspires you to consider new and meaningful ways to empower, inspire and be there for your audience. After all, they’re listening.”

Check out the full report now.


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