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Music Exchange 2019: How to create a consistent brand as a musician

Music Exchange 2019: How to create a consistent brand as a musician
Anna Fitzgerald & Sammie Anschau / Credit: Pat Stevenson & Ian Laidlaw

Utilising free hosting services, keeping your content consistent across all platforms and perfecting your pitch are three key steps to building a successful brand as a musician.

TMRW Music’s Anna Fitzgerald and Beehive PR’s Sammie Anschau delved into the importance of branding for musicians at Nando’s Music Exchange in Sydney.

The music PR gurus outlined the key parts of the process during a workshop hosted by Jane Gazzo.

Here were some of the key points to emerge:

Free Platforms Provide Invaluable Exposure

When it comes to getting your music out there, free platforms like triple j Unearthed and Amrap’s Airit can be key in allowing emerging artists to reach new audiences.

“As a publicist and radio plugger I deal with both local and international artists,”explained Fitzgerald. “People really underestimate how a local presence can help you ten-fold overseas.”

“When I’m talking to radio stations, or Spotify in the states, everyone knows what triple j is, it’s hugely powerful. Upload your music to triple j Unearthed and slowly build your profile in Australia as it’s really going to help you get noticed overseas.”

For her part, Anschau recommends Amrap’s Airit for getting your music published.

“Airit is a great platform, especially if you’re on a budget as it’s free to use. You upload your music and it sends it to Australian community radio stations to broadcast. You can track who
has played your music by searching the songs.

“Basically, it shows you who your champion radio stations are and then you can contact them directly to offer them an exclusive of your next track or ask if they want to do an interview.”

Consistency Is Key

To create a recognisable brand, Anschau says that staying consistent across all platforms is key. That, and perfecting your pitches to agents, bookers and publicists.

“The best thing you can do when sending an unsolicited email is to be clear about your brand and who you are.

“The best branding tool is ensuring your aesthetic is in line. So, when you do have a release,  your press photo matches your tour art which then matches your packshot.

“All your photos should then be translated to your socials and other platforms such as triple j Unearthed so when someone goes to look for you in all those different places, and they do go to all those places, they can see exactly who you are.”

The Right Platform Is Crucial

Fitzgerald adds that knowing when and how to use which online platforms can be crucial in forming an authentic, engaged fanbase.

“Knowing who listens to your music is key to figuring out the right place for it. There are so many different music genres and people are consuming music in more ways than ever, if you can
identify a particular label, radio station, media outlet or playlist that your audience engages with you have a higher chance of your music being picked up and establishing your main demographic.”

The Global Music Exchange will take six early-career music creatives to London in September to help further their careers.

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