Chart Analysis December 21, 2017

Most Added: Bruno Mars edges out promising newcomer with ‘Chunky’

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Most Added: Bruno Mars edges out promising newcomer with ‘Chunky’

Commercial heavyweight Bruno Mars is back at the forefront of radio’s attention adding another Most Added title to his decorated cabinet.

‘Chunky’ got off to a great start with across-the-board adds from the entire Nova Network. From there, Bruno didn’t miss a beat as Ash London LIVE, the Hit Regional Network, and both KIIS stations lent their support.

Our hats go off to Aussie youngster  whose new single ‘Take Cover’ made a massive first impression at radio this week. One of ’s top singles going to radio, it enjoyed a dream run, but ultimately, it all came down to Hit Regional (as it often does) which failed to add the song.

Last week’s #1 Most Added To Radio – ‘Meant To Be’ by ft. Florida Georgia Line – cleaned up all remaining adds at commercial this week, as did Aussie mainstays Sheppard whose new track ‘Coming Home’ is destined for a decent jump up the Hot 100 this week.

Rounding out the Top 5 is French Montana’s feature-loaded ‘A Lie’. With appearances from and B, commercial will undoubtedly wake up to this track over the coming weeks.



#1. ‘Chunky’ – Bruno Mars | WMA

#2. ‘Take Cover’ – Jordie Ireland | UMA

#3. ‘Meant To Be’ – ft. Florida Georgia Line | WMA

#4. ‘Coming Home’ – Sheppard | /MGM

#5. ‘A Lie’ – French Montana ft. The Weeknd & B |


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