News August 7, 2020

Scott Morrison rejects calls to ban TikTok in Australia

Scott Morrison rejects calls to ban TikTok in Australia

The Australian Government will not ban , despite growing security concerns over the app.

TikTok has faced allegations that the Chinese government could access its users’ data. Speaking to the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday, Prime Minister rejected these claims.

“There’s nothing at this point that would suggest to us that security interests are being compromised, or Australian citizens are being compromised,” Morrison said.

“We’ll obviously keep watching them, but there’s no evidence to suggest to us today that [a ban] is a step that is necessary,” the PM added, amid growing tension between the nations.

Morrison did, however, ask Australians to exercise caution when using the short-form video app.

“People should know that the line connects right back to China and they should exercise their own judgment about whether they should participate in those things or not.”

India banned TikTok in June and the United States is also exploring a possible ban. “As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States,” President Trump tweeted.

Yesterday, Instagram rolled out its ‘Reels’ feature in an apparent bid to compete with TikTok. Similarly, Snapchat began trialling its new in-app music feature earlier this week.

In July, The Music Network reported that YouTube is also a developing similar feature.

Earlier this week, Microsoft continued talks to acquire TikTok. It is expected that negotiations between Microsoft and , TikTok’s parent body, will conclude by September 15.

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