Chart Analysis October 9, 2018

Minor Premiers and Retiree top the Amrap charts

Minor Premiers and Retiree top the Amrap charts

Community radio shows a huge amount of support for Australian music, with almost 40% of music played coming from local artists. Taste-making presenters excel at giving airtime to an incredible spread of what Aussie artists have to offer. The Amrap Metro and Amrap Regional Charts provide insight into what’s getting airplay and attention on community radio each week. Here’s the lowdown on some tunes charting this week.

Minor Premiers – #1 Amrap Regional (pictured above)

There is a noticeable twang under the surface of Minor Premiers newest single, Go Lightly, a forlorn sound that signals a changing of the seasons. The Brisbane indie rockers maintain a mid-tempo charm as they continue to hone their sound, less than a year on the circuit. Go Lightly borders on a country road tune, guitar driven and relaxed with some husky vocals delivered in a distinctive manner by frontman, Luke Peacock. There are shades of classic 80’s Aussie rock on this one, such as the Go-Betweens or Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls, brimming with a sense of moving on and coming back around. Hitch a ride on that old road by tuning into Brisbane’s 4ZZZ, Yass FM in NSW and 2BBB in Bellingen, NSW.

Teenage Dads – #10 Amrap Metro

Not to be confused with Young Fathers, Teenage Dads are making waves with their quirky, energetic take on poppy psych-rock. Their latest treat, Sunburnt, is drenched in summer vibes; a combi-with-a-surfboard-on-the-roof-racks kind of tune. It’s perfectly driven along by reverb tainted guitar, electronic drums and dusty vocals building to an anthemic chorus and full psychedelic breakdown in its climax. Kooky synths wobble throughout the track, showing the band’s 60s/70s influences and capturing their charisma. It’s a celebration of shedding the excess from your life and dancing down the highway to wash it all off in the surf. You can catch the Dad’s latest groove by switching to Nambucca Valley Radio in NSW, Brisbane’s 4ZZZ and Radio Adelaide in South Australia.

Kurilpa Reach – #2 Amrap Regional

Kurilpa Reach have been turning heads over the last year with their soulful blend of influences, sitting on some hazy line between reggae-roots and psych-rock. Their latest single, Rat Race, is a laid back blend of swaying rock and bopping reggae backed by some noteworthy sax and guitar harmonies. The brass is gentle and measured contrasting with the crisp percussion; it carries the rhythmic flow and allows the vocals to be heard in their raw, unabashed state. The Brisbane based five-piece have delivered a crisp but chilled arrangement, soundtracking a sweet moment to appreciate existence, removing yourself from the hustle to be mindful of the present. Sink in and fade away with the boys on The Voice of The Avon in Western Australia, Melbourne’s Inner FM and 3MDR FM.

First Beige – #9 Amrap Metro

Don’t let the name fool you, First Beige are as colourful as they come and their latest release, Vivid, is a clear example of their dazzling brilliance. Originally the solo project of David Versace, the six-strong band brings 70’s disco grooves into the 21st century with plenty of left-field synth and just the right amount of jazz flute. Vivid is full of funk, marrying bass slapping disco grooves – something Flying Lotus or Kaytranada might cook up. The Brisbane natives are sure to be lighting up dances floors across the country with their authentic, shiny tunes as they step outside of their hometown in November for an east coast tour. In the meantime, get down with First Beige on Byron Bay’s Bay FM in NSW, Radio Adelaide and the Barossa Valley’s BBB FM in South Australia.

Retiree  – #1 Amrap Metro

Retiree are cold and distant on their latest offering, Magic Eye, a far-away, synth-laced tune pinpricked with hope thanks to a cameo from Sui Zhen that makes this tune. Dropping a few tasters of their forthcoming debut LP, House or Home, the three-piece have established an evocative and nuanced sound sitting between 80s post punk and contemporary shoegaze. There’s no shortage of droning electronic production, drum machines and drawling guitar during the verses but a minimal switch-up occurs as the chorus hits with a brighter reach. Zhen heightens the ice-cool arrangement with her soaring harmonies and spreads the warmth around when she steps out from the background. You can catch up with the coldwave by switching to FBi Radio in Sydney, Perth’s KCR FM and 5GTR in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

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The Amrap Charts show the Top 10 tracks ordered for airplay by community broadcasters through the Amrap’s AirIt music distribution service. Amrap is an initiative of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia which distributes new Australian music to community radio stations nationwide & empowers broadcasters to promote new Australian music on air & online. 

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