News May 16, 2018

Melbourne gets new summit, CHANGES

Melbourne gets new summit, CHANGES

Melbourne hosts a new music summit called CHANGES on July 4—5 to look at a new path” in the music industry and highlight Victorian talent.

The meet is a collaboration between The Push, Yarra City Council, Music Victoria and the Victorian music community and will assemble “a roster of ground breaking voices, programming, and events to outline a new path” in the music industry.

The event will focus on four different pillars — music, tech, talks and ideas — and aims to spark discussion and highlight Victorian talent.

Full program details will be released on 24 May but so far CHANGES promises “a curated selection of 30 minute talks from local and international experts, one-on-one meetings, workshops and masterclasses”, as well as live showcases in the Fitzroy and Collingwood areas, discussions on technological innovation and to “ignite the question: what’s next?” for the music industry.

Check out the official website for further info here.

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