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News April 5, 2022

Mashd N Kutcher Drop a Sweet Banger For McDonald’s

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Mashd N Kutcher Drop a Sweet Banger For McDonald’s

Mashd N Kutcher’s latest release is a real sugar hit.

The Brisbane DJs and electronic production duo drop a tune to celebrate an indulgent new chocolate McFlurry.

The lads whip up a nuggety bass and percussion-heavy number, “Ultimate Mix,” the musical tie-in for McDonald’s latest treat.

The audio track has less calories than the dieter’s nightmare that is the new McFlurry with Cadbury’s chocolate, a product that’s marking its 100th year as an Australian favourite.

The tune is already out there, and so is the treat.

The McFlurry is available now on an exclusive seven-day window via Uber Eats before rolling out in stores nationally from Wednesday (April 6).

Since hooking up in 2014, Matthew James and Adam Morris have played over 1,000 shows as Mashd N Kutcher, and pumped out several ARIA platinum-and-gold certified records, including “Fiesta” and “Like Fire” and “Get On The Beers,” the viral remix of Victorian state premier Dan Andrews.

Though, surely, they never imagined seeing their names attached to a press release alongside Uber Eats, McDonald’s and Cadbury.

Like it or not, consumer brands are increasingly engaging with the music community, entering those chats with deep pockets and a long game in mind.

Mashd N Kutcher’s mostly-young fanbase has energy to burn and is seen as just the hungry audience for frozen chocolate desserts.

It’s not the first time a popular U.S. fast-food chain has joined forces with a left-of-centre Aussie electronic act.

KFC recently created the Peking Cluck Burger with Peking Duk, headliners at the fried chicken specialists’ day-long Feastival on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island, while McDonald’s has separately joined forces with BTS and Travis Scott.


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