exclusive News June 26, 2019

Introducing music-focussed social startup Achord Agency [exclusive]

Introducing music-focussed social startup Achord Agency [exclusive]

Achord Agency is a new consulting business for the Australian .

It’s helmed by Leesa Snider, who is adequately prepared having spent six years working in artist bookings, live performance, music education, marketing, publicity, artist management, festivals and in creative agencies.

TMN can exclusively reveal that Snider is returning from living and working in the US to launch the new social media agency, tailored specifically at the music industry.

Achord Agency specialises in social channel auditing, identifying brand narrative, multi-channel reporting, scheduled posting, content creation and most importantly social strategy campaigns specifically crafted for upcoming artist releases.

“Achord Agency is about taking social media onus off of an artist or business and utilising platforms for organic growth and engagement,” Snider tells TMN.

“A creative social media strategy can be the thing that determines whether 5 people connect with your music or 5,000.

“I’m in the business of helping musicians do what they do best; creating and releasing music by providing a uniquely tailored social media plan to supplement and propel a release to achieve it’s full potential.”

Leesa has previously worked with Aussie music industry businesses including not for profit  One of One, independent record label Hopestreet Recordings and The Victorian Music Development Office.

More information at achord.agency

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