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This is our premium membership and data plan - for professionals who need to know what tracks are being played and heard each week, by state and music medium. The Hot 100 is our renowned national airplay chart; used by the major labels to report on their artists' performance each week, and by music directors to program upcoming playlists on radio and tv. It is the only airplay chart to weigh spins against radio listener data, so it is a true reflection of the most 'heard' tracks each week across Australia.

Charts members also get access to 25+ airplay, digital and sales charts, by music genre and territory. We report across commercial, independent and community radio. We'll also give you market share by label, predict the hottest new singles being released and tell you what's been most added to radio each week. We'll also give you the full list of singles being played in every radio station across Australia, along with forthcoming album releases.

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