New Signings July 30, 2019

Kurt Bailey launches country music label Supper Time Records

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Kurt Bailey launches country music label Supper Time Records
Image Credit: Libby Danforth

Gang Of Youths manager Kurt Bailey and his Sydney-based collective Mirror Music Group have announced a new country music label.

Supper Time Records has launched with its first signing, Nashville-based Australian singer-songwriter Jedd Hughes.

Hughes was born in South Australia, but has spent over two decades in the US, having established himself within the Nashville creative community.

“We’re honoured to have Jedd join our family and be our first signing to Supper Time Records. You will be hearing a lot more from him soon,” said Bailey.

As for Supper Time Records, well there’s a reason for the name.

“We’ve called it Supper Time Records after Jonny Cash’s brilliant tune Supper Time, which talks about a son coming home which is fitting for our story,” explained Bailey.

Despite spending the last few years embedded in the alternative music scene, Bailey is no stranger to country music.

“I’ve always wanted to dive back into the country scene after a long history with it since the age of 13,” he said.

“I found myself naturally falling into the alternative rock world since managing Gang Of Youths, Middle Kids and more artists within that style. However, after my sister Charlie Collins decided to start a solo career it made me think a lot more about our country roots, upbringing and made me miss it a lot.

So a plan was set in motion to add a country act to his roster, and after a short time, he and Jason Lewis began managing Brad Cox together.

“Brad is one of the most authentic and exciting new country artists I have seen in a very long time. I’ve been so invigorated by his love for country music.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying dipping my toes back into the country music community and reconnecting with so many long-time friends and people who I also grew up with.

“This has now urged me to start a label that specifically is a home for the next wave of exciting country/Americana acts.”

Mirror Music Group is based in Redfern, Sydney and manages Gang Of Youths, Middle Kids, Charlie Collins, Brad Cox & more.

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