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Kate Ceberano targeted by trolls over US band’s Masked Singer claim

Kate Ceberano targeted by trolls over US band’s Masked Singer claim

The saga of the allegedly stolen song arrangement on The Masked Singer Australia continues.

Kate Ceberano, who sang the song in question on the third episode as The Lion, has been inundated with hundreds of hate messages from outraged Halocene followers on social media. TMN first reported the story on October 31.

Ceberano and her management team have exchanged tweets with Halocene, to tell them that their dispute should be directed at the show’s producers, Warner Bros Australia, and broadcaster, Network Ten, and not with her directly.

One from the singer stated, “These complaints can only be addressed by prod co/network. My choice for material was for the “bad guy” by Billy Eilish! I’m not across the rest of production/legal process. Ps: i’m not answering hate comments as they don’t deserve to be given oxygen. Wrong target. KC”

The band has apologised to Ceberano and says it will make amends.

It declared, “So sorry people are still harassing you 🙁 We will find a place on the YouTube video to make it more clear. Hopefully more people will see it. So sorry you got dragged into this, that was 100% not our intention.”

To be fair, Halocene made it clear on the original video that their target was the show’s producer.

TMN pointed out then that Ceberano would have elected to do the song but would have been given the arrangement, and would have had no awareness of the Halocene version.


Image: US band Halocene who made the claim

She told Ten News that she picked the song from her daughter’s playlist because it was the sort of song no one would expect her to do.

Halocene did their rocked-up cover of ‘Bad Girl’, with an extra guitar riff, in April and received 400,000 views.

Since the allegations emerged, there has been no official response from The Masked Singer Australia, nor have Halocene updated on whether their GoFundMe campaign earned enough to launch a legal case.

At the time, the band stated: “The lawyers we’ve talked to have said we should pursue (a case).

“We haven’t been able to actually sit down with a lawyer and pay them for information, but it’s looking good.

Watch Halocene make their case on YouTube:

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