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News July 16, 2018

iHeartRadio Australia announces more smart speaker integration as Google Home listening hours jump 296%

iHeartRadio Australia announces more smart speaker integration as Google Home listening hours jump 296%

The booming smart speaker market in Australia has been a boon to platforms such as iHeartRadio Australia.

Analyst firm Telsyte estimates about half a million Australian households own a smart speaker, up from less than 10,000 in 2016.

The figure is forecast to reach 3 million households by 2022.

Google, which had 1.2 million Australians using its products, is leading the smart speaker market here.

Listening figures released by iHeartRadio Australia for streaming on Google Home Smart Speakers in June totalled 210,000 hours – up 296% from December.

Geraint Davies COO of iHeartRadio Australia said, “Products such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Home Pod seem to be flying off the shelves and consumers love using them to listen to music and iHeartRadio in particular.

“On Google Home, for example, we have seen nearly a 300% increase in the listening since Christmas.”

These figures come as iHeartRadio Australia continued its platform expansion in the home, announcing it is fully integrated with over 27 HEOS by Denon and other Marantz products incorporating HEOS wireless streaming technology.

Joe Salamanca who represents HEOS in Australia said: “We love music and we love that iHeartRadio gives our customers endless music entertainment.

“The HEOS wireless streaming technology includes highly awarded audio brands like Denon and Marantz and the full range of HEOS by Denon wireless speakers and soundbars.

“Using iHeartRadio to stream all your favourites – radio stations, music and podcasts will be effortless for all our customers and they will love the simplicity.”

Geraint Davies expands: “We have been integrated with Sonos speakers since late last year and now iHeartRadio is accessible across the whole range of HEOS by Denon speakers as well as other great Hi-Fi products.

“We are continually working to make it as easy as possible for iHeartRadio listeners in Australia to seamlessly access their favourite radio stations, music or podcasts on iHeartRadio.”

Aside from Sonos and Google Home, iHeartRadio Australia also integrated with Amazon Echo smart speakers last year.

The Telsyte report suggested that Apple and Amazon smart speakers would catch up to Google’s lead as their products became better known.

By its estimate, twice as many Australians – 2.2 million – already use five or more Apple products and services.


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