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News October 27, 2015

IFPI explains why Friday should be ’global release day’

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A spokesperson for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has explained why a Friday street date is the best option for the proposed global release day.

“The proposal is for Friday because, taking all factors into account, Friday brings the most benefits overall for the industry at a global level,” IFPI spokesman Alex Jacob told Billboard. “The key benefits include higher consumer footfall and online traffic levels over the weekend period, as well as increased social media activity which can help create a buzz around new releases and increased willingness to spend.”

According to Billboard, the IFPI held a conference call today with stakeholders to discuss the concept and assess feedback from companies and organisations like retail giant Target in the US, the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) and Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), who allegedly have reservations about the street date.

Most labels, retailers and organisations outside the US aren’t opposed to the Friday street date and support the effort to curb music piracy. Currently, singles and albums are released on Friday in Australia and Germany, Monday in the UK and Tuesday in the US. Because of this, many releases are uploaded to illegitimate file-sharing sites in Australia, ahead of their appearance on legitimate platforms elsewhere.


“It’s worth adding that two of the world’s top ten markets — Germany in 2005 and Australia in 2006 — have already smoothly and successfully moved to a Friday,” Jacob told Billboard.  “Some other smaller markets have also made the transition, such as the Czech Republic last year which switched from Monday, and the [industry in those countries] do not report any of the problems being flagged by [US] retailers.”

Following today’s conference, the IFPI are expected to announce the proposed date in August 2015 when the global release day will kick off.


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