Chart Analysis July 31, 2018

Harmony debuts at #1 on the Amrap Regional Chart

Harmony debuts at #1 on the Amrap Regional Chart

Community radio shows a huge amount of support for Australian music, with almost 40% of music played coming from local artists. Taste-making presenters excel at giving airtime to an incredible spread of what Aussie artists have to offer. The Metro and Amrap Regional Charts provide insight into what’s getting airplay and attention on community radio each week. Here’s the lowdown on some tunes charting this week.

Harmony – #1 Amrap Metro (pictured above)

The raw and ragged sound of Melbourne’s Harmony often sounds like a very burnt-out version of blues-rock, its world-weary way dealt out with a strange kind of grace. Returning with their third album Double Negative, their decidedly scuffed style of songwriting is intact but streaks of light come through on a set filled with visions of love and devotion. The gospel influence that’s been a part of Harmony for their decade in existence is now even more pronounced, and while misery loves company, it’s the tender ballad Double Negative that’s seen Harmony get to #1 on the Amrap Metro Chart this week. Sydney’s 2RRR, Brisbane’s 4ZZZ FM and Perth’s 6RTR FM are sharing the love.

Phantastic Ferniture – #8 Amrap Metro

Sydney’s Phantastic Ferniture have been around since 2014 but only got around to releasing their self-titled debut album last week. Jacklin’s sublime voice is found in cheerier surroundings, backed by a dreamy pop energy casting her in a different light to the earnest folk stylings she’s made her name on both here and overseas.  By comparison, Phantastic Ferniture sound more carefree, fun and whimsical and Bad Timing is one song from the album picked up by community radio – early adopters of this very cool band we’ve not seen enough of. Radio Adelaide, Melbourne’s 3RRR and Sydney’s FBi Radio have made this one pick of the bunch.

Charm of Finches – #2 Amrap Regional

Still in their teens, Melbourne sisters Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wormes have been perfecting their blend of vintage harmony-led folk since they were 11, busking a repertoire of traditional Appalachian songs outside their local grocer. Now they’ve gone form outdoor settings to an indoor studio, in a perfect pairing with producer Nick Huggins (Jen Cloher, Laura Imbruglia) who easily possesses two of the most sensitive ears in the business. They’ve continued the relationship after 2016’s debut album Staring at the Starry Ceiling with The Bridge, a new single that amps up on the atmosphere they already posses with a beautifully haunting arrangement. The Bridge has gone close to the top of Amrap’s Regional charts in quick time: NSW’s Yass FM, South Australia’s Rox FM and Victoria’s Mountain District Radio are supporting Charm of Finches heavily.

Oetha – #8 Amrap Regional

A new trio featuring Indigenous rappers Lady Lash, Miss Hood and Dizzy Doolan, Oetha’s debut single is a tale of womanhood as ‘the greatest gift alive on Earth’ and a call to arms for all woman to band together, walk tall, and act loud and proud. Powered by a sun-soaked funk groove that sounds shot straight out of the classic 70s template, it’s as infectious as it is righteous. Oetha (‘O-E-Tha’) is an acronym for ‘Our Earth The Heart Acknowledges’. We think this is the start of something beautiful and community radio agrees, with Brisbane’s 4ZZZ, Hoabrt’s Edge Radio, Sydney’s FBi Radio and Perth’s 6RTR delivering this across their airwaves in spades.

Hideous Sun Demon – #6 Amrap Metro

Perth’s Hideous Sun Demon take a few cues from the frantic and freewheeling ends of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, pumping out with thrashier intent and a little less psychedelic overlay but no less tuneful. Their latest, Antithesis, is a pearler of an introduction to their third album FAME, EROTIC, DREAM and shows they make a mighty noise for a three-piece. A little under the radar on the East Coast, the band are set to remedy that with shows in August. The biggest slab of support for these guys comes unsurprisingly from Perth’s 6RTR FM, but not too far behind are Brisbane’s 4ZZZ FM and Sydney’s FBi Radio.

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The Amrap Charts show the Top 10 tracks ordered for airplay by community broadcasters through the Amrap’s AirIt music distribution service. Amrap is an initiative of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia which distributes new Australian music to community radio stations nationwide & empowers broadcasters to promote new Australian music on air & online.

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