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News October 27, 2015

H100 Q3 report: Top five most heard songs on Australian radio

Charts & Music Manager

In the last three months the Hot 100 has seen its fair share of chart-topping tracks, with many singles staying at the top for weeks on end. Five tracks in particular have stood out from the rest, maintaining strong and and consistent airplay for close to three months, all landing within tiny point ranges of each other.

1. Ed Sheeran
Don’t takes the title of Most Heard Song. It was the second single to be taken off of his recent #1 ARIA Chart debuting album X. Written by Sheeran and Benjamin Levin and produced by Rick Rubin and Levin again, the track started at #11 in our date range, at only three weeks in the chart. From there it began a slow ascent, breaking the Top 10 the following week and reaching its peak of #2 the week following that. From that point onwards it began its slow decline down the Top 10 and 20’s, still earning plenty of points and receiving airplay to this date. It currently sits at #29 on the TMN Hot 100 and is still receiving airplay from various commercial stations.

2. Ella Henderson
Ghost, written by Henderson, Kenan WIlliams, Ryan Tedder, Noel Zancanella and Michael Daley, starts at a position of #20 in our date range. From there it jumps to #12 in the following issue where it sits for another week, finally breaking the Top 10 after jumping from #12 to #7 in chart #995 and finally reaches its peak of #4 in chart #997. The reason why Ghost, her debut single, charted so high on the Most Heard chart is due to the consistent high rotation airplay it was receiving from the get-go. The track currently sits at #20 on TMN’s most recent chart and is set to stay in the chart for quite some time.

3. Nico & Vinz
Am I Wrong
Am I Wrong started off in our date range at #1. At that point it had been sitting there for two weeks and would eventually start its slow decline down the chart. It was originally released under the Norwegian duo’s previous name, Envy. The track remained at #1 for an addition four weeks before finally being overthrown by The Madden Brothers’ We Are Done. In the weeks following it quickly dropped chart positions down the Top 20’s until it reached its current place, at #30.

4. The Madden Brothers
We Are Done
We Are Done was the first single taken off of The Madden Brothers’ first studio album, Greetings From California which debuted at #1 on the ARIA Albums chart earlier this week. The track written by both Benji and and Joel Madden peaked at #1 in both the Australia and New Zealand charts. It started at #7 in our date range after just breaking into the Hot 100 the week prior. It dropped to #10 the next week before starting its climb back up to #2 and then #1 in the two weeks following. From then on it started to drop positions rapidly until it reached its place at #41 in TMN’s most recent chart.

5. Charli XCX
Boom Clap
Boom Clap, written by Charlotte Aitchison, Fredrik Berger, Partrik Berger and Stefan Gräslund, was released as the first single off of the soundtrack of the film The Fault In Our Stars. The track entered our date range at #21 as one of that week’s most moved tracks – at that point it had only been in the chart for three weeks. From there it slowly climbed the Top 20 and Top 10 until it reached its peak of #5 in chart #996. In the weeks following it slowly began a descent down the Top 20 and 30 until it landed at #33 where it sits currently.

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