News March 6, 2020

GYROstream expands with artist & event marketing services

GYROstream expands with artist & event marketing services
CEO Andy Irvine, director of marketing & artist promotions Viv Mellish

Brisbane distribution and artist services company GYROstream has announced it will expand it’s offering, as well as making several new hires.

GYROstream will now offer in integrated digital marketing services for artists and events, providing music marketing expertise across streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube as well as Instagram, Facebook, Google, Snapchat and TikTok.

The additional services are designed to help artists succeed independently and remain in control of their careers, and are available in addition to publicity, vinyl production, advances on royalties, playlist pitching, sync and grant writing for artists.

“Publicity and marketing go hand-in-hand and we are now at the stage where we are able to expand the artist promotions team to offer more,” said GYROstream co-director and head of marketing and artist promotions, Viv Mellish

“Artists can pick and choose which supporting services they need to help them promote their releases and shows when they distribute with us.

“It gives them and their teams a lot more flexibility to tap into services previously only available via large record labels and because of this, we’re seeing a lot more musicians able to stay independent, in-control and increasing their overall earnings.”

New hires include digital specialist Mike Keyte, Sydney A&R manager Benji James and Brisbane A&R manager Tom Eggert.

“It’s really exciting, we’re already working with artists on upcoming release strategies, supporting tours and finding new fans,” he says.

“The aim of GYROstream is to make things simple for musicians and by enhancing our digital offering we can facilitate direct access to an international audience.”

James and Eggart will work with GYROstream’s priority artists and teams across Australia and New Zealand.

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