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News March 13, 2016

Guvera aims to bring brands and fans together with Guvera 3.0

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Guvera aims to change the way consumers interact with brands with the launchof its social-focused version: Guvera 3.0.

The commercially-funded, Gold Coast-based streaming service has today launched genre-based Music Channels and a platform to connect brands and music fans, Guvera Social.

Speaking to TMN, Robb Snell, Head of Product at Guvera, said the Music Channels and social features were developed with insights gathered from the platform’s users and the market.

“However these features are firmly rooted at the heart of our product strategy,” Snell said.“Guveraaims to be the leading music entertainment platform and we strive to immerse our listeners in the music they love by extending the experience beyond just the music.”

The Music Channels are based on themes, genres and moods. Snell said this allows brands to tap into specific audiences that align with a brand’s music strategy.

The brand can then offer that network editorial, image galleries, commentary, exclusive offers, competitions, and can even recommend music to their own followers.

“Our music channels allow indie fans to dive into a world of indie music filled with playlists, video, trending stations, photography, products and editorial,” he told TMN. “Our social features allow listeners to discover content from their friends and share their favourite finds; this means we’re broadening the experience to your social network so your immersion overflows to your friends and vice versa.”

Brands including Virgin Mobile and GoodLife Festival are already taking advantage of Guvera’s more than 15 million users globally across 20 international markets.

“Virgin Mobile has created a very engaging brand channel highlighting their business, how they’re different and the various ways that people can be a part of their network,” Snell told TMN. “Their playlists are so clearly Virgin Mobile; every bit of their humour and character shines through and they’re incredibly popular.

“GoodLife Festival was a fantastic music event that got a strong following and made good use of playlists, video and editorial to build excitement before the launch and celebrate their success afterwards,” he added.

Earlier this month Guvera announced its integration with Apple TV allowing users to stream their music through their television sets. It became one of the first brand-funded music streaming companies to do so.

Guvera hosts 30 million songs and of its 15 million users, 6.5 million are said to be in India and 1.5 million in Australia.


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