New Signings August 13, 2019

Greyscale Records signs Sydney’s Whatever, Forever

Greyscale Records signs Sydney’s Whatever, Forever

Melbourne label Greyscale Records’ latest signing Whatever, Forever, is a case of keeping it in the family.

It is a softer side project made up of members of Greyscale signings Justice For The Damned and Our Past Days.

Over the weekend the band sneaked into Melbourne to play a surprise set at the sold-out Greyscale Records showcase at the Corner Hotel, alongside Alphawolf, Antagonist AD, Gravemind, Aburden, Deadlights and Anticline.

They started their set with vocalist Michael Godwin screaming, “We are Whatever, Forever and we are so stoked to announce that we have joined the Greyscale family!”

Of the signing, guitarist and vocalist Nick Adams says, “We’re ecstatic to be able to finally announce our signing to Greyscale Records.

“Being a band that is comprised of members currently in other Greyscale bands, it just made sense to keep this within the family and work with people we love and trust.

“Playing the showcase over the weekend was the perfect chance to bring in this new chapter. ”

“I wont make room for you, this life is far to short…”

Whatever, Forever have dropped a single ‘Bury Me’ and join Gloom In The Corner for a six date run along the East Coast between September 11 and 21.

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