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Sync Watch June 10, 2021

Sync Watch: Local Google operation creates campaign backed by Chris Valentine’s Highlife

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Sync Watch: Local Google operation creates campaign backed by Chris Valentine’s Highlife

Google’s local operation has released a new campaign titled ‘Helpfulness’ backed by the 2017 Chris Valentine track ‘Highlife’.

The ad screened during State of Origin last night, as part of a huge push by the Nine Network to increase the scale, quality and impact of television advertising in Australia.

Nine has been pushing for large-scale advertisers to treat the three State of Origin matches like Australia’s Super Bowl moment, and create big, memorable, meaningful ads which are just as much a part of the entertainment as the match itself.

The initiative – named State of Originality – will offer the ultimate winner more than $1 million worth of inventory across Nine’s television, radio, digital and print assets.

Last night, ads from Google, South Australian Tourism Commission, McDonald’s and Bundaberg were in the mix for the competition.

Google’s ad shows a woman utilising Google’s various services, from search to maps and beyond, as she interacts with the world around her and is ultimately revealed to be helping an elderly neighbour.

The ad is backed by the Valentine track and was created by Colenso BBDO New Zealand.

Nine’s director of Powered, the company’s marketing solutions team, said she couldn’t be happier with the first ads to emerge from State of Originality.

“These first four ads highlight the incredible creativity that exists within Australian adland, and they have taken advantage of the unique platform that is the State of Origin to reach an audience of millions of Australians,” Liana Dubois said.

“Our goal in creating State of Originality is to drive new creativity and ensure the advertising on screen is as entertaining and engaging as the footy on the field.”


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