News September 10, 2019

Gold Coast to assemble music advisory group

Gold Coast to assemble music advisory group
Image: Ministry Of Sound Reunion / Photo: James Wills

The Gold Coast is taking the next step as part of its Gold Coast Music Action Plan 2021.

It is forming a Music Advisory Group, made up of eight Coast music identities.

Mayor Tom Tate explains the aim of the group would be to “positively impact the music sector”.

“The Advisory Group will have a big job,” said Tate.

“They will need to have their finger on the pulse about live music trends, galvanise industry support and connect the city’s artists and music businesses with national opportunities.”

The Gold Coast Music Action Plan 2021 was launched in March with ways to stimulate the Coast live music scene.

This was through providing investment, access to resources and strong partnerships across government, peak bodies and private enterprise.

The plan calls for regulatory changes to bring certainty and growth to music venues, increasing skills for the creative workforce, tap on the student demographic, expand under-age events, set up a mentoring program, and encourage high profile creative and entrepreneurial talent to the Coast.

It plans to do this by promoting its lifestyle, and partner with tourism authorities to create a GC Music brand that packages and promotes Gold Coast experiences including Gold Coast Music Awards to a national audience.

Tate says it has already assisted more than 400 local music industry professionals since, calling it “an outstanding result”.

There are discussions on building a 10,000-seat stadium on the Coast to draw more major Australian and international acts.

Tate says the Coast will go 50:50 with the state government on building costs.

More details on the Music Advisory Group are at, nominations close September 19.

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