News October 27, 2015

GFK release first radio behaviour survey

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Market and consumer information source GFK, the new provider of Australia’s Radio Ratings Survey data, has issued its first quarterly radio behaviour survey.

Named AudienScope, the Q1 results were collated with 5,000 respondents partaking. The 2014 findings show listeners in the under 25s age bracket are more active than any other demographic. Radio reaches 93% of under 25s and 63% of under 25s are using radio to discover new music.

Other interesting findings include the fact radio is ranked first in a tie with TV and ahead of digital and print media for its feel-good benefits, and is the #1 used device to engage with music with the average time users spend listening to radio each week clocking in at 18 hours and nine minutes.

View the AudienScope results for Q1 below.



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