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News August 29, 2018

Get out your flanno, the ’90s will take over Double J all next month

Get out your flanno, the ’90s will take over Double J all next month

After being voted the greatest decade for music by Double J listeners, the station has decided to go the whole hog and dedicate the month of September to celebrating the ’90s.

On top of playing only ’90s music all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Double J will also countdown the 50 Best Australian Albums of the ’90s, starting from 12pm on Saturday, September 15.

“Sometimes, to appreciate the present, it helps to reflect on the past,” Double J music editor Dan Condon said.

“When that past is as culturally rich as the ’90s was, that becomes an absolute pleasure.”

Killing Heidi vocalist and icon of the decade, Ella Hooper will take over artist in residence duties.

“I’ll be playing tracks that are special to me, stuff that is important from the era and songs you’ve completely forgotten about,” said Hooper.

“Plus, there will be some special guests coming in each week, people you’ll know and love.”

Next month’s J Files will feature episodes on Moloko, Tupac, Powderfinger and Radiohead while Live at the Wireless will bring sets from Hole and Sonic Youth at Big Day Out, Silverchair at Homebake, and Pearl Jam at Flinders Park Tennis Centre.

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