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News August 8, 2019

Fyre Festival’s Andy King confirmed as BIGSOUND 2019 Keynote speaker

Fyre Festival’s Andy King confirmed as BIGSOUND 2019 Keynote speaker

BIGSOUND Festival has unveiled its full 2019 program, detailing an extensive and impressive list of industry figures, big wigs and titans set to grace the event with their hard-earned expertise. In a true testament to just how much pull the music industry conference has, they’ve announced somewhat of a whale among this year’s keynote speakers: Event guru and Fyre Festival mover and shaker, Andy King.

King, yes, that kind from the doco, will be taking one for the team once more. The team being us, the soon to be enthralled audience and “taking one” is the lousy 24-hour flight it will take to get here. King will no doubt take us on his wild journey which culminated in pop culture icon status for his next-level participation with the infamous festival.

As well as King, some 70+ other speakers, panelists and buyers representing a plethora of companies and organisations including, but not limited to, Spotify, ARIA, triple j, The Fader, Sony Music, Unified Music Group, Secret Service and X-Ray Touring.

You can drool at the entire selection of juicy, industry brains below.

With the speakers comes the announcement of the conferences panels, forums and workshops that the below names will populate. Events such as Women In Music, What Is Music Supervision and Why Should Media Give A Fuck About Australian Music will be some of the many topics picked apart through out the multi-day event.

Once you’ve spent time networking, hobnobbing and pressing the flesh, you can kick back and get amongst some of the 150 live artists who will be taking over The Valley this year, with more than a dozen specially curated parties already confirmed.

As always, the talent who make the trip up for the event will be treaded bloody well. All BIGSOUND artists will have access to The YouTube Music Artist Village to score some well-earned free shit including accommodation, complimentary breakfast but above all else, WiFi.

All the information, including tickets and prices, can be found on the official BIGSOUND website

BIGSOUND Festival 2019
Tuesday, 3rd September – Friday, 6th September
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Andy King – Andy King Events (USA)
Bethany Cosentino – Best Coast (USA)
Terry McBride – Nettwerk Music (CAN)
Mojo Juju (AUS)
Sahara Herald – Frontier Touring (AUS)
Vivien Goldman (USA)

Neil Morris – VMDO (AUS)
Sosefina Fuamoli – Beat Magazine (AUS)
Chelsey June – Twin Flames (CAN)
Ninakaye Taanetinorau – Tikidub (NZ)

Abbie McCarthy– BBC Music Introducing, BBC Radio 1 & 4 Music (UK)
Alessandro Pavanello – Kanjian (CHINA)
Alethea Beetson – QMusic (AUS)
Alex Pinte – Wind & Birds (AUS)
Alex The Astronaut – Artist (AUS)
Alexander Franco – Future Classic (AUS)
Alicia Sbrugnera – Spotify (AUS)
Allan Aufamau – Sprigga Mek (AUS)
Amanda Perlstein – twnty three (USA)
Amit Nerurkar – face-less (USA)
Anamaria Diaz – Páramo (COL)
Andrew Khedoori – CBAA (AUS)
Andy Snape – Raw Power Management (USA)
Anna Laverty – Producer (AUS)
Aroha Harawira – Ableton (AUS)
Ashleigh Hills – Unified Music Group (AUS)
Bekah Zietz Flynn – Sub Pop Records (USA)
Ben Coleman – Green Man Festival (UK)
Ben Dennis – Myriad (AUS)
Bill Cullen – One Louder (AUS)
Brendan Moylan – ECO:8106/Sicario Music (MEX)
Brent Hedley – AFL Players Association (AUS)
Brid Walpole – Pitch Perfect PR (USA)
Carla Arias – Quemasucabeza, Armónica & Festival Neutral (CHILE)
Carla Zimbler – VJ (AUS)
Casey O’Shaughnessy – Select Music (AUS)
Catherine Haridy – Catherine Haridy Mgt/AAM (AUS)
Chris Scaddan – ABC (AUS)
Christopher Kevin Au – Triple One (AUS)
Claudia Dalimore – Her Sound, Her Story (AUS)
Correne Wilkie – Maven and Muse (AUS)
Count Eldridge – Vertebrae Productions (USA)
Courtney Fry – Pedestrian Group (AUS)
Damien Luscombe – White Sky (AUS)
Dan Rosen – ARIA (AUS)
Danielle Caruana – The Seed Fund/Mama Kin (AUS)
Dave Ruby Howe – triple j (AUS)
David Grice – Cognilitics Pty Ltd (AUS)
David Sheils – YouTube and Google Play (AUS)
David Vodicka – Media Arts Lawyers (AUS)
Davyd Norris – Olive Grove IT (AUS)
Declan Byrne – triple j (AUS)
Deline Briscoe – Artist (AUS)
Dina Bassile – Tibi Events & Access Consultants (AUS)
Dona Inthaxoum – Facebook (SIN)
Dorothy Markek – Double J (AUS)
Elise Huntley – Secret Sounds (AUS)
Ellie Jones – Stay Loose PR (UK)
Emily Kelly – Deathproof (AUS)
Fabrício Nobre – Festival Bananada (BRA)
Fanny Lumsden – Artist (AUS)
Firas Massouh – PBS (AUS)
Francesca de Valence – I Heart Songwriting Club (AUS)
Francisca Sandoval – IMICHILE (CHILE)
Gordan Koang – Artist (AUS)
Greg Wells – Ghost (UK)
Hailey Collier – Songwriter (USA)
Hau Latukefu – triple j/Double J/ Forever Ever Records (AUS)
Hayley Rosenblum – Amanda Palmer (Manager) (USA)
Hazel Berry – Soundcloud (UK)
Helen Marcou – Bakehouse / Slam (AUS)
Ingrid Andress – Artist (USA)
Jaaji – Twin Flames (CAN)
Jack Ball – HIT 105 (AUS)
Jackie Antas – Live Nation (AUS)
Jackson Walkden-Brown – Artists Only (AUS)
Jade Harper – Manitoba Music (CAN)
Jaiden Walker – Tasman Keith (AUS)
Jamila Lyndon – Paradigm Agency (USA)
Janet Gaeta – ABC TV (AUS)
Jeff Crabtree – The Zebra Collective (AUS)
Jenny Valentish – Journalist/Author (AUS)
Jhindu-Pedro Lawrie – Artist (AUS)
Joe Alexander – Bedroom Suck/Music In Exile (AUS)
John Atkins – White Sky (AUS)
Jon Halperin – The Glass House (USA)
Justin Stanley – GoFunkYourself Inc (USA)
Kamran Haq – Live Nation UK (UK)
Karen Leng – Double J (AUS)
Kathy McCabe – News Limited (AUS)
Kavisha Kuruk – White Sky (AUS)
Kim Ambrosius – Roskilde Festival (DENMARK)
Kim Frankiewicz – Concord Music (UK)
Kiran Patel – A&G Sync (UK)
Koo Abuali – FireWire Music Company (AUS)
Kristin Genovese – Third Side Music (USA)
Kurt Steinke – Townhouse (USA)
Kween G – Artist (AUS)
Kymie – Artist (AUS)
Leigh Treweek – – (AUS)
Leroy Amphlett – Noisegate (AUS)
Lindy Morrison – Her Sound, Her Story (AUS)
Maggie Collins – BIGSOUND/Morning Belle (AUS)
Matt Bird – White Sky (AUS)
Matt Brinkworth – Captured Tracks (USA)
Maya Janeska – Believe (AUS)
Meg Williams – Inertia/PIAS (AUS)
Megan Washington – Artist (AUS)
Melody Forghani – twnty three (AUS)
Michael Nieves – Sugaroo (USA)
Michelle Grace Hunder – Her Sound, Her Story (AUS)
Michelle Rose – Live Nation (AUS)
Mick Tarbuk – Believe (AUS)
Mike Ajayi – AMF Records/Virgin EMI (UK)
Mike Sniper – Captured Tracks (USA)
Milan Ring – Artist (AUS)
Nadine McDonald-Dowd – QPAC (AUS)
Nando Machado – ForMusic (BRA)
Natasha Parish – Ground Control Touring (USA)
Nathanael Miller – Titomic (USA)
Nick Holroyd – Primary Talent International (UK)
Ophir Admony – Secretly Group (USA)
Oscar Serrallach – The Health Lodge (AUS)
Owen Mallon – Paradigm Agency (USA)
Ozi Jarel – Artist (AUS)
Paige X. Cho – Bolster (AUS)
Paul Brindley – Music Ally (UK)
Peta Ellis – River City Labs (AUS)
Petrina Convey – Sony (AUS)
Philippe Ceulen – QUT (AUS)
Philip Vafiadis – Innovyz & Cognilitics (AUS)
Poppy Tohill – CRS Management (NZ)
P-UniQue – Artist (AUS)
Rhianna Patrick – ABC (AUS)
Richard Kingsmill – triple j (AUS)
Ruuben van den Heuvel – YouTube & Google Play (AUS)
Sanaz Lavaedian – MOCEAN – (USA)
Shaad D’Souza – The Fader (AUS)
Shannon Kurlander – Terrorbird Media (USA)
Shaun Faulkner – X-Ray Touring (UK)
Simon Moor – Kobalt (AUS)
Simon Winkler – 3RRR (AUS)
Stacey Piggott – Secret Service PR (AUS)
Stephen Green – SGC Media (AUS)
Stephen Lane – Noisegate (AUS)
Stephen Wade – Select Music (AUS)
Susan Emerson – Auslan Stage Left (AUS)
Suzanna Slavin – Mom + Pop Music (USA)
Tamara Mills – Creative Enterprise Australia (AUS)
Tara Medina – Strawberry Fields (AUS)
Tasman Keith – Artist (AUS)
Tim Shiel – Spirit Level (AUS)
Tobias Kuhn – Artist (GER)
Tom Larkin – VVV MGMT (AUS)
Tom Mee – Spotify (AUS)
Trish Adjei – Australia Council (AUS)
Tristan Malloch – Noisegate (AUS)
Uda Widanapathirana – Inertia (AUS)
Vanessa Picken – Comes With Fries/PIAS America (AUS)
Viv Fantin – Next Acting Coaching – (AUS)
Zack Alcott – Get Skilled Access (AUS)
Zig Annor – Art Management Group (AUS)

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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