New Signings September 24, 2021

FRNDS MGMT signs Chandler Jewels & Julius Black

FRNDS MGMT signs Chandler Jewels & Julius Black

Pictured: Chandler Jewels

FRNDS MGMT has made a series of signings as it marks its first anniversary in business.

The company has signed emerging artist Chandler Jewels as well as singer- Julius Black.

Chandler Hammond, who performs as Chandler Jewels, said he’s really keen to be teaming up with FRNDS MGMT.

“Such a great group of people and I’m excited to start my journey with them backing me all the way,” he added.

Rudy Udovich, manager at FRNDS MGMT, was equally excited.

“Chandler Jewels represents a new wave of emerging talented artists and self-taught producers who are breaking out and getting ready to take over,” Udovich said. “We’re pumped to be sharing this journey with him and really excited for the world to witness the next generation.”

FRNDS MGMT said Jewels had more sensational singles on the way as well as some high-profile collaborations which will be revealed soon.

Singer- Black has also come on board, with the announcement coinciding with his new single ‘Do You Still Dream?’ The song is the first from his forthcoming EP Together We Go Down In The Dark, which is out on November 19.

Julius Black

Black said: “I’m really excited to be partnering up with FRNDS MGMT. Jacqui and Garth been really encouraging and supportive with helping me build my vision. Drawing on their experience of their incredible roster, I’m very lucky to be working with them.”

Garth Crane, director at FRNDS MGMT, said the team is super excited to have Black join the FRNDS family of artists.

“Julius is an exceptional artist with incredible song writing ability and a character filled voice. The first time we played him around the office the excitement was immediate, he had demos for days, and all of them were great, so we are all so glad to be officially working with him,” Crane said.

The signings come as the business celebrates its first anniversary.

Director Ben said: “Pretty horrendous time to be launching a company but at the same time it’s given us a lot of time to really establish our processes. Excited to welcome our new artists Chandler Jewels & Julius Black, and the amazing talent they bring to the FRNDS roster.”

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