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Cherry Bar robbed of mirror gifted by Foo Fighters

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Cherry Bar robbed of mirror gifted by Foo Fighters

Melbourne’s Cherry Bar has called on the public to help track down a Foo Fighters mirror that was stolen on Friday evening.

Venue owner and booker James Young last week revealed that a mirror, gifted to the venue by Dave Grohl, had been stolen.

On Friday night at 12:55am CCTV caught some individuals “appearing” to remove the mirror, as well as others distracting security guards to ensure that it could be removed from the venue without detection, Young wrote on the venue’s Facebook page.

“We would prefer not to involve the police,” said Young, before calling on the thieves to return the mirror.

“So get on your….Wheels…don’t be….The Pretender…return what belongs to Cherry and then….Learn To Fly.

“Get our Foo Fighters’ mirror back and be…. My Hero.”

Young then posted an update to Facebook yesterday, revealing that as yet the mirror had not been returned.

“We would implore these guys to…take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror, and then return the mirror.

“Thieves, you have until 3am tonight (well technically 3am Monday when we close tonight) to return our Foo Fighters’ mirror to Cherry (no questions asked) or we’ll go to the Vic Police and your Bank, who have your full contact details, given we already have your credit card particulars (cos we have CCTV footage of one of you buying a round of 4 pints on your credit card. Bahahahahaha.)”

In answer to all your questions Cherry Massive: "No! We have not had our Foo Fighters' mirror returned yet, sadly."I…

Posted by Cherry Bar on Saturday, 7 April 2018

Young also revealed that Cherry Bar had been contacted by the Foo Fighters “family” with an offer to replace the mirror.

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