I receive the daily newsletter but I’m unable to access content?

If you have been receiving the free Music Daily newsletter but are not a paid subscriber, you will not be able to access articles or profiles on our website unless you become a member.

We’ll still send you the daily newsletter, so you see headlines at a glance, but if you want to read the detail, you’ll need to subscribe. We have several plans available that cater for our different audiences, starting at only $ 5 x month. Check them out here.

I’m a paid subscriber – but there is some content I’m unable to see

Each of our plans has different features and allows you to access different sections of our site. If you want to see what is and isn’t included in your plan you can click here.

Why isn’t it free any longer?

For 20 years the Music Network, like most publishers, has existed on advertising revenues, however, in the past 3 to 4 years, this has virtually disappeared and advertising can no longer subsidise the costs of providing quality journalism, charts and data to the music industry.

We must now ask our users to pay a small amount in order to receive the service we provide. We also offer special pricing for group accounts, so drop us a line if you belong to an organisation and we’ll be able to find a tailored solution for your needs.

Can I get multiple log-ins for my company?

Yes, we have discounted packages for group members. Drop us a line so we can work on a tailored solution for you!.

Also, if you sign up to a Company, Company Pro or Charts pro account you receive two log ins for the price of one. This means, after you sign up you can invite a team member who will enjoy all of the benefits of your plan (only one free account available per membership).

In my settings section, it says I’m allowed to invite one other team member, what is this?

When you sign up to a Company, Company Pro or Charts membership you are allowed to invite one other team member to subscribe for the same price. This means, you get one extra log-in for free. Please note only one free log in per plan is available.

To invite them, just go to the company tab on your settings and click on “Team”. Just follow the prompts and you will be able to add them to your plan.

The Team Member I have invited is already a The Music Network member. When he received the email invitation, he couldn’t log in or be added to my account?

If the team member is already a The Music Network subscriber, you won’t be able to add them through our automatic email invitation system. Please email us or give us a call at our members helpline on 0457 688 873 or info@themusicnetwork.com and we will add them to your plan.

I have a Company, Company Pro or Charts account. How does my dashboard work?

When you have a Company, Company Pro or Charts account you will see two tabs on your Settings section: One for your company (under your company name) and one for yourself (under your name).

In your Personal Tab you will have your public profile information, your account information and your billing information. This is the billing information linked to your user, not to your organisation. If you would like to subscribe to a higher plan (than what your Organisation receives), you could do it through this section.
In your Company Tab, you will have acces to your company’s public profile, your company’s plan details and billing information. So if you need to upgrade or downgrade your Company plan, you can do it from here. Take into account that any changes done here will affect any other users linked to this organisation. Only the Team Owner of the organisation has access to the billing and plans information on their dashboard.

My existing subscription is about to lapse message

You will be automatically notified that your subscription is going to lapse and you will be given the opportunity to renew your subscription via credit card. After three unsuccessful attempts your account will be cancelled and you won’t be able to access the content any longer. But don’t worry! You will see a pink stripe at the bottom of the homepage where you can easily update your payment details.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel any membership plan at any time. You can go through your billing settings (Company, Company Pro and Charts subscribers must cancel through their organisation billing settings). The account will be cancelled instantly and your credit card will no longer be charged.

My personal/ company profile is public, how do I make it private?

If you don’t want your profile to be public go to: your settings menu – profile section and uncheck the checkbox that says “Allow other members to view my profile”.

How do I pay?

You must pay by credit card, either monthly or annually. You will receive a receipt and you can cancel at any time. It is possible to do a direct bank transfer for group packages only.

How do I advertise my brand or single on TMN?

You can buy and manage newsletter banners and promoted website tiles directly online here. You can also buy a sponsored Single of the Day campaign.

I’m having trouble uploading my Single of the Day artwork

Single of the Day artwork must be exactly 600 x 600 px and can only be a .jpeg file. If you still have trouble, please drop us a line to info@themusicnetwork.com

I’m having trouble uploading my Promoted website tile artwork

The promoted website tile artwork must be exactly 1024 x 1024 px and can only be a .jpeg file. If you still have trouble, please drop us a line to info@themusicnetwork.com

I’m having trouble uploading my newsletter banner artwork

The newsletter banner artwork must be exactly 600 x 130 px and can only be a .jpeg or .gif file. If you still have trouble, please drop us a line to info@themusicnetwork.com

I’m trying to buy more than one Single of the Day, and I can’t?

You are only allowed to book one Single of the Day per artist. If you want to book a few for different artists, you will have to make separate transactions. If you are doing a bulk buy, make sure you drop us a line so we can help you out!.

I’m trying to buy a Single of the Day, a Promoted Website tile or a Newsletter banner but the date I want doesn’t appear available?

You need to buy your advertising at least 3 days in advance before the live date. If it is too late but you still need the ad to go live, worry not! Drop us a line and we’ll help you out. If you are trying to book a date with more than three days in advance and it doesn’t appear available, that date may be booked so you will have to book an alternative date.

Can I update or edit an existing Single of the Day booking?

Email us and we can edit it for you. Just email us to info@themusicnetwork.com.

How do I post & manage job ads?

To post or manage jobs you need to be a member linked to a Company or Charts subscription. Once you are logged in you can go to your settings page, click on your companies tab and then head to “My Activity”. You can easily create and delete the jobs from there. If you posted a job and you need to make any changes, email us to: info@themusicnetwork.com or you can delete and re-upload the job.

If you have further queries, please contact us by email or phone.

Email: info@themusicnetwork.com
Phone:   +61 457 688 873