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Eventopia releases official statement regarding Soundwave

Poppy Reid
Eventopia releases official statement regarding Soundwave

In an official statement sent to TMN overnight, Soundwave Festival’s ticket agent Eventopia has said AJ Maddah is responsible for ticket refunds.

Read the full statement below.

We regret to inform customers of the cancellation of Soundwave Festival 2016 due to poor ticket sales, as advised by the Promoter this afternoon.

Eventopia was appointed as the ticket sales agent for the Soundwave Festival to be held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in January 2016.

Throughout the onsale period, Eventopia complied with all of its obligations under its ticketing services agreement with the Soundwave Festival Promoter, Hounds of Hell Pty Ltd.

In line with our ticketing sales agreement, the Festival Promoter is responsible for all ticketing funds that were advanced, and is directly liable to all ticket purchasers for issuing customer refunds.

Customers should contact the Promoter of the Festival directly to request their ticket refund in full using the contact details supplied below.

Eventopia will keep all Soundwave Festival customers informed of the progress of the situation as more information becomes available.

The Soundwave Festival Promoter can be contacted at

More recently, AJ Maddah has tweeted the following:

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