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News October 27, 2015

EMI Music returns to China and South East Asia

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Universal Music Group (UMG) has today announced the return of EMI Music to China and South East Asia.

EMI sold off their Greater China operations in 2008 when ex-EMI Music President and COO Chris Roling sold all existing shares in Greater China to Greater China JV partner Typhoon Group. Roling, a Terra Firma executive who worked on EMI’s acquisition by the equity firm in 2007, left the Group in September of 2008.

While it’s widely known EMI was acquired by UMG in 2012, the now mini-major has still been operating independently under the umbrella of Universal, with the major investing in its legacy.

EMI’s return to the territories was announced at a press conference at the label’s new offices in China.

George Ash, President, Universal Music Asia Pacific said: “It is an honour to be part of rebuilding EMI which has such a rich legacy of supporting Chinese artists and music in China.”

Max Hole, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group International said: “EMI’s heritage in the region makes this is a very exciting re-launch. At Universal Music we’re huge believers in the potential for the music business in China and the importance of investing in local artists.”

The conference was also used as a platform to announce the signing of iconic Mandopop (Mandarin pop music) artist A-Mei as well as award-winning artists Show Lo and Rainie Yang. A-Mei has been named EMI’s Greater China Brand Director to recognise her artist status; in 2002 A-Mei was featured in a special issue of TIME Magazine as one of its ’20 Asian Heroes’.

Sunny Chang, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music Greater China said: “We are proud to continue EMI China’s enduring legacy through A-Mei, Show and Rainie. This is the start of a new era for the label and we are excited to bring the music of these well-loved artists to a new generation of fans.”

George Ash says the launch marks a new chapter for EMI. “Sunny Chang is the best music man in China and with his leadership and incredible team we are committed to building EMI into one of China’s great domestic labels once again and a central part of a vibrant and internationally successful Chinese music industry.”

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