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Eddie Perfect’s Broadway success leads to Warner Chappell signing

Eddie Perfect’s Broadway success leads to Warner Chappell signing
Image: Facebook / Eddie PErfect

Australian multi-hyphenate Eddie Perfect’s success on Broadway has led to a global publishing deal with Music.

The Tony-nominee made his Broadway debut with two projects.

King Kong, based on the classic 1933 film, opened at the Broadway Theatre in October 2018.

Beetlejuice, based on the 1988 Tim Burton movie, recently opened at the Winter Garden Theatre.

“Eddie is an incredibly charismatic and hilarious guy and a talented overall performer – but he can also develop lyrics that inconspicuously move a story forward and melodies that you leave the theatre humming,” said Kurt Deutsch, senior vice president, theatrical & catalogue development for Warner Chappell Music.

Perfect on his part was ecstatic at working with Deutsch: “He’s always been one of my heroes, having produced the most influential Broadway Cast Recordings of my generation.

“In many ways, he bridged the gap between Australia and New York, allowing a composer like myself to feel connected to New York’s brilliant creative music theatre industry from afar.”

In Australia, Eddie Perfect made his mark in comedy, music theatre composition, playwriting, screenwriting, classical music, jazz and acting for stage and screen.

He also served as co-artistically director of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival in 2016 and 2017, a judge on Australia’s Got Talent and played Mick Holland in drama/comedy series Offspring.

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