News July 12, 2018

Documentary on Melbourne music scene announces premiere date

Documentary on Melbourne music scene announces premiere date

Now Sound: Melbourne’s Listening, a feature-length documentary on Melbourne music in the last two years, makes its world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival on Friday, August 10.

It was made by KEWL Studios’ director and filmmaker Tobias Willis and music journalist Marcus Rimondini.

Now Sound: Melbourne’s Listening wraps around venues within the inner-north suburbs and uses them to investigate the wealth of musical creativity emanating from within, as well as the issues faced by bands, agents and bookers.

With the underlying theme of the importance of protecting the live music scene, the documentary has contributions from artists, producers, event organisers, labels, radio broadcasters, critics, writers, venues, record stores and organisations.

Director Willis has worked with acts as Jess Ribeiro, Jen Choler, Kirin J Callinan, Sui Zhen, Client Liaison, KLLO, Courtney Barnett, Totally Mild and Broadway Sounds.

Since starting KEWL, he has been nominated for an ARIA for Best Video for Client Liaison’s Off White Limousine and toured with Laneway Festival 2018 to produce all of their video content.

The August 10 world premiere is at 9:15 pm at the Forum Lounge at 154 Flinders Street in the city.

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