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TikTok breakouts Dirty Heads tap Train’s Pat Monahan for new ‘Vacation’ remix

TikTok breakouts Dirty Heads tap Train’s Pat Monahan for new ‘Vacation’ remix

Southern Californian alt-pop breakouts Dirty Heads have released a new version of their latest hit ‘Vacation’ featuring a freshly recorded vocal appearance from Train’s Pat Monahan.

Originally released by the band in 2017, ‘Vacation’ has experienced a huge bump in popularity after being featured in the ‘Vacation Challenge’ TikTok trend, with the track subsequently raking up over one billion views on the app and posting an 850% increase in plays on Spotify.

The band’s newly revamped version of ‘Vacation ft. Train’ sees the ‘Drops of Jupiter’ hitmaker contribute his signature vocal cadence to the track, bouncing off Dustin Bushnell’s own bouncy melody to underscore the song’s status as a summer anthem.

Monahan said he and his family have been fans of ‘Vacation’ since its original release in 2017.

“I’ve been a Dirty Heads fan for a long time and my whole family has loved this song since it came out,” Monahan said.

“Getting a chance to sing on it was really cool for all of us and I think it made me a much cooler human. Thanks guys.”

Dirty Heads expressed similar sentiments towards Monahan’s involvement on the track, reflecting on the ‘Vacation Challenge’ and its impact on their own careers.

“We are so impressed with how fans, new and old, have taken this song and made it their own on social media,” the band said.

“Thank you to Pat Monahan for hopping on this new version – it is a gift to everyone who has made us smile with their ‘Vacation challenge’ videos over the past year.

“We can’t wait to get back into that spirit on the road later this summer. It’s time to celebrate with one another again.”


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