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News October 27, 2015

Crowdfunding campaign to get Paul Weller to Perth

Two Perth music promoters have started a crowdfunding campaign to raise $150,000 to stage a Paul Weller show in Perth next year.

“Living in one of the most isolated cities in the world, we as music fans in Perth are used to seeing the biggest bands and artists bypass our city with their tours on a regular basis,” said Chris Ferry and Joey Waller. “Crowd funding helps bring the pulling power back to Perth via the people.”

They said the successful campaign by Foo Fighters fans to get the band to play in Richmond, Virginia, was their inspiration.

The two have until December 1 to raise their target, before they approach Weller’s management company to give them a date. The plan is to get the Modfather to play a 1,000-capacity venue. But if they raise more than $150,000, they will go for a larger club, after consulting those who pledged.

Pledges from $100 upwards will ensure one ticket to the show. The top pledge of $600 will lead to six tickets for the event.

“Social media will be our platform to circulate the event as well as TV and radio,” Ferry and Waller said. “We would encourage all backers to help in sharing the project through as many avenues of social media as possible. Remember we are in this together.

The campaign can be viewed at Kickstarter.


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