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News September 23, 2020

CrewCare scheme to deliver skills & training for 500 roadies

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CrewCare scheme to deliver skills & training for 500 roadies

With the Australian live industry in its sixth month of shutdown and no/reduced income, there is growing concern for road crews, among the sector’s most vulnerable workers.

CrewCare, one of the two associations repping their issues, has been working with Support Act on the sector’s mental health and well-being.

This week, a grant from the Victorian State Government saw it launch the Assisted Music Business Industry Training (AMBIT).

It is a program for 450 to 500 crew members to upskill and learn a new part of the industry during and after the pandemic.

“The skills range from the practical –  which can involve how to rig a  truss, install a lighting cable to fix temporary power – through to upskills like tour accounting, tour management and production management,” AMBIT project manager Jade Bophela told TMN.

AMBIT will be delivered in partnership with music industry organisations, Arts Centre Melbourne and RMIT’s Vocational Education department.

“The recent graduates who will not be able to have a graduation ceremony will at least be able to participate in this program and be partnered with a like-minded mentor to help them navigate the industry.”

The beauty of the scheme is that crews are paid a stipend to learn.

Also getting a fee are 15 Victorian businesses – covering lighting, touring, emergency power, video and audio production, rigging, accounting and tour management – for creating the training modules specific to the niche of their industry. 

Four sole traders who may not have earned much since March will receive income by developing and administering the program.

“CrewCare’s role is to coordinate AMBIT, monitor the funds and the certifications which participants will get for the upskill and practical modules,” Bophela revealed.

“AMBIT is more like a stepping stone, which we can hopefully roll out in other places.”

Victoria’s Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley states said crews and live events businesses are the lifeblood of the state’s music and event sectors. 

“The Victorian Government is proud to back CrewCare and this training program that will support some 500 crew members and businesses that have been hit hard to undertake paid training to develop their skills and businesses as they prepare for reopening,” he said. 

For applications and more information on AMBIT, click here.


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