News October 27, 2015

Creative Partnerships Australia launch first Federally-supported matched funding program

Creative Partnerships Australia launched the country’s first Federally-supported matched funding program for the arts and creative industries, Plus1.

Creative Partnerships was set up this year to encourage private sector support for the arts, and works nationally with the arts, business and philanthropic sectors, as well as government

Plus1 will match dollar for dollar up to $50,000 in funds raised from the private sector by artists and not for profit (NFP) arts organisations for projects that enhance or improve their capacity to raise money from the private sector.

“The Plus1 program provides a unique opportunity for those looking to enhance their business development capabilities and diversify their funding streams,” said CEO Fiona Menzies. “We’re very excited about investing two million dollars into supporting projects with outcomes that enable individuals and organisations in the creative industries to create a more sustainable financial future.”

For more information about the Plus1 program call 1300 768 627, email Plus1 or visit

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