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The Courage Collective, an music industry event for women and non-binary people, launches

The Courage Collective, an music industry event for women and non-binary people, launches

A new music industry event which will aim to offer a safe, diverse and inclusive space for women and non-binary people while celebrating their contribution to the arts, has launched.

The Courage Collective will take place at The Zoo on August 8 as part of the Brisbane City Council and QMusic Winter Sessions Festival.

It will feature an industry panel, live art and performances to raise awareness and create conversations around the collective struggles minorities fact in the creative arts field.

Music industry organisation Support Act is also providing mental health services on the night.

The event was created by 97 Joyride Agency’s founder Zoe Maras, and artist & educator JESA.

The duo said the event will create a home and a sense of belonging for women and non-binary people who have been lost amongst the male-dominated creative scene.

“The Courage Collective is a conceptualised safe space that celebrates us as creatives and allows us to find empowerment and joy through community. It’s about story-telling, expression and release through music, art and conversation”, Maras said.

JESA added: “Essentially we created The Courage Collective as a live event series that focuses on honouring the beautiful diversity in arts where we can come together in unity and feel seen, heard and acknowledged.”

The event’s lineup 

Ticket sales made from the event will be donated to Healing Foundation and Zig Zag, with partial funds delivered back to the creatives involved.

The event organisers acknolwegded the Traditional Custodians of the land that the event is taking place on, the Yuggera, Turrbal and Jagera people, and said The Courage Collective would have a zero-tolerance policy for any forms of intimidation and harassment.

“Please leave your bigotry at home,” it said.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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