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Corona is getting into the fezzy business with Sunsets Festival this December

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Corona is getting into the fezzy business with Sunsets Festival this December

Corona have embedded themselves in the music scene for many years through various initiatives, and now they’re now entering the festival space in Australia with Corona SunSets Festival.

The festival will be an expansion of their stripped-back Corona SunSets music tours, which have sent world-class acts such as Portugal. The Man, Cloud Control, The Rubens and currently Touch Sensitive around the country.

The SunSets sessions also found global success in Japan, Italy, Canada, the UK and at home in Australia.

Following 2016’s sold-out inaugural SunSets Festival in Fremantle, they’re bringing back the heat to in December.

Launching on the shores of the Gong’s beautiful North Beach, the festival will showcase music, food, art, market stalls, eco workshops and more on Saturday, December 1. And, of course, buckets of ice-cold Coronas and Cerveza Cocktails.

“Corona SunSets is a platform that encourages our audience to disconnect from their busy lives and spend more moments that matter, with their friends, in the outdoors inspired by the unique, transformative power of summer sunsets,” Corona Australia marketing manager, Andy Vance told TMN.

“We aim to provide a multi-dimensional sensory experience that extends beyond the music offering.”

There are a number of unique aspects to Corona SunSets Festival

“Firstly, you can experience our event with the sand between your toes right on one of the most pristine beaches in Australia at North Beach, Wollongong and the locations that we select will hopefully give our guests a really unique experience.

“Further, in addition to some world-class tunes, they’ll be able to immerse themselves in all facets of Corona’s world, including the importance of protecting our own beaches and waterways from the growing threat posed by marine plastic pollution and how each and every one of us can become a part of the solution.”

In terms of an alcohol brand crossing over into the music world, Vance explains that the benefit lays in communicating the company’s ethos to attendees, “which we feel is much more powerful than merely serving them a standard marketing communication, and also much more enjoyable and relevant for our audience.”

As far as supporting safe drinking culture, Vance is adamant that “… adhering to responsible service of alcohol guidelines is a priority for us.

“We have established a good relationship with the local police already and have some of the industries most experienced operators support us in delivering this event and so we are confident in achieving our objectives in this area.”

Going Green

As well as hosting a soon-to-be-released lineup (dropping Thursday, August 16), Corona SunSets Festival is focusing its efforts on addressing marine plastic pollution through partnerships with local suppliers and NGOs.

They’ll be reducing single-use plastic at the event by removing plastic bottles, cups, cutlery, plates, wristbands and more.

Bringing in green initiatives is “super important, it’s becoming a big part of what we do, day in day out,” Vance further.

“As a brand that is synonymous with the beaches and oceans, we also have a roll to play in protecting them from threats such as marine plastic pollution so that our future generations can enjoy them like we do.

“A lot of it comes down to raising awareness for not only the issue, but also what we can all do as individuals to make a positive impact on the problem – it really is about education and collaboration!

“As a brand that is synonymous with beach culture, we will use this opportunity to educate all event-goers on the importance of protecting these salty playgrounds from threats such as marine plastic pollution, so that our future generations can continue to enjoy them.”

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