News October 19, 2018

Collaborative Australian music monitoring at commercial radio shows promising results

Collaborative Australian music monitoring at commercial radio shows promising results

The results of a six month initiative to closer monitor Australian music on radio have been revealed, showing a promising increase in radio stations meeting their quotas.

Delegates from the music and radio industries gathered today for the Radio Alive 2018 conference in Melbourne, with music quotas the subject of one of the final panels of the day.

chief executive Joan Warner was joined by boss Dan Rosen and chief executive Dean Ormston to discuss the results of a joint monthly review that commenced in April following the BIGSOUND conference in Brisbane.

At that time, all three bodies came together to discover an industry-wide misunderstanding of the precise definition of Australian music according to the code.

CRA, APRA AMCOS and ARIA have since worked to educate all sides of the radio and music industries, with the first set to results showing a positive increase in quota compliance.

Firstly the results from April 2018 were presented, showing the level of compliance based on monitoring by Aircheck, Radio Monitor, and industry reporting from earlier in the year.

Following this, CRA’s Warner presented the results of the same three monitors from August 2018, showing the level of compliance has increased greatly.

Warner said the review has really “focussed” the commercial radio industry. “The definition [of Australian music] is much clearer than it was ever before.”

“The conference session is an invaluable opportunity for our members and the wider music industry to discuss Australian Music, not just the music quotas but events, interviews and marketing of Australian artists on commercial radio.”

“There’s a real opportunity for the commercial radio and music industries to work collaboratively, and to mutual benefits,” said Ormston.

“Radio plays an enormously important role in defining who we are as Australians – our conversations, stories, and music are heard by millions every day, and for that reason quotas are vital.

“While it’s encouraging to see improved compliance with quotas as defined in the current Commercial Radio Code, APRA AMCOS thinks the station classification and related quota obligations are in need of review to ensure the intent and integrity of the Code.”

“We thank CRA and its members for working with us collaboratively on this research project, and we welcome the conversation on how stations can better support Australian music,” added Rosen.

“Radio stations are a vital part of the music ecosystem, and music is a critical component of radio’s success – so it makes perfect sense for our industries to jointly focus on ways to enhance our working relationship.

“This research project has highlighted areas of positive compliance but also identified issues for further work, such as station classification and its impact on quota level obligations.

“We look forward to continuing this project and delivering better outcomes for Australian

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