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News November 10, 2021

Coles Radio is increasing amount of Australian music played for Ausmusic Month

Coles Radio is increasing amount of Australian music played for Ausmusic Month

Coles Radio is doing its bit to back Ausmusic Month by increasing the amount of homegrown music it plays during the entirety of November.

Customers strolling the Coles aisles will be treated to a playlist filled with great local content throughout the month, with a major focus on promoting the music of up and coming artists.

The radio station, which is programmed by NOVA Entertainment, will then conclude Ausmusic Month by only exclusively playing Australian artists on November 30th. The playlist will feature the likes of indie pop favourites Coterie, country singer Rachael Fahim, and electronic producer Friendless.

Lisa Ronson, Coles’ CMO, shared her pride at being able to amplify Australian voices through the radio station. “We have more Australian talent than ever coming through the airwaves and inspiring customers both in and out of the supermarket,” she said.

“At Coles, it’s really important to us to win together and support Australian artists wherever possible, which is why we’re also delighted to feature the beautiful voice of Australian artist Emily Soon in our latest Christmas campaign, continuing our tradition of championing home-grown musical talent in our marketing campaigns,” Ronson added.

Soon is part of a massive campaign by Coles Radio to promote Ausmusic Month, also including Missy Higgins and Dingo Spender.

Their competitors Woolworths aren’t to be outdone though: they recently relaunched Woolies Radio, which has also promised to play a lot of Aussie music in throughout November.

It comes after Coles Radio committed to devoting more playing time to Australian artists back in August, spurred on by Jack River’s prominent social media campaign. Rivers had pushed for Channel 7 to feature more Australian music during its Olympics coverage.

And while we’re here,” River said then, “how good would it be to hear Aussie music in Coles, Woolies, Aldi, in banks, on hold, in stores and on ads being show to Australians for the next few months?”

Coles listened to his call out and responded to it, telling The Music Network that they were “moved by Jack River’s comments about the impact of COVID on the Australian music industry and have added even more amazing Aussie tracks to Coles Radio this week to show (their) support.”

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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