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Clinton Kane’s new single is an antidote to world’s pain & anxiety

Clinton Kane’s new single is an antidote to world’s pain & anxiety

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Clinton Kane’s singing, guitar, piano and drumming skills may be self-taught, but the 21-year-old soft-pop phenomenon is anything but amateur.

The multi-instrumentalist offers up chords that will soothe you and lyrics that will bite you, as seen in his latest single ‘I Guess I’m In Love’, which shines a light on his powerful vocals.

The song has already 57 million global streams and over 4 million views on YouTube, the place where he started posting song covers before he was noticed by globally renowned DJ, Martin Garrix.

The Norwegian-Filipino singer split his time between Perth and the UK growing up, and said music came to his rescue during panic attacks, when words couldn’t adequately express the hurt and pain he was experiencing.

“The first time I ever wrote a song was two years ago. I was in my house just minding my own business like a cute little boy when I had a panic attack out of nowhere. I had never had a panic attack before in my life, and for some reason I had the urge to pick up my guitar,” he said.

“I started humming melodies out of nowhere and started mumbling words out and writing them down amidst having the panic attack. As soon as I finished writing the song, which is now called ‘this is what anxiety feels like,’ my panic attack left, and in that moment, I knew that making music was the only thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

For anyone else experiencing pain or anxiety, Kane hopes his music can be the right antidote for them too, whether it’s his earlier single ‘Chicken Tendies’, which explores his strained relationship with his religious mother, or the new ‘I Guess I’m In Love’, which is capturing hearts around the world.

‘I Guess I’m In Love’ is out now via Sony Music Entertainment Australia 

“Growing up, I would feel a lot from everything happening around me, but I could never really put my feelings into words or understand what they were until songwriting came along. Writing is so real to me. It reaches the depths of my heart that I could never understand or even know I felt,” Kane said.

“There’s a phase in hurt and pain where you need to just sit down and scream out your feelings. I could never pinpoint what it was that I was feeling growing up, and all I wanted was to listen to a song and be like: ‘This is it. This is exactly what I’m feeling right now.’ My only hope is that I’m able to be that person for anyone who listens to my music so that they don’t feel alone in this world.”


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