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Aussies are consuming up to four hours of music every day [report]

Aussies are consuming up to four hours of music every day [report]

News Flash: Yes, radio still really matters for listening, gigs and discovery.

A new study by the Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO) has revealed that music is a core passion for ⅓ of Aussies.

The VMDO Music Consumer Insights research surveyed 2,025 Australians with 30 questions on how they access and engage with music.

Melbourne’s music conference hosted a talk by Media Insight Consulting CEO Chris Carey, who worked with the VMDO on the study.

Carey announced the key findings of the study which included data about physical sales, streaming and live music habits, music discovery and use of radio.

“We found that one in three people (32%) said that music was their life – it’s their number one passion. On average, Australians are listening to music three to four hours a day,” said Carey.

Other key findings included:

  • YouTube is Australia’s most-used streaming service, with 21% of Aussies using it to stream music. However, Spotify is the biggest revenue earner for musicians.
  • Over 60% of Aussies attend a live music event yearly. Victorians most want to see Australian artists (55%) rather than internationals, above the national average of 49%).
  • Radio is still the most popular method of music listening, used by 48% of Australians. CDs and free video streaming were second on 44%. Radio is also the most common way that people find out about live gigs (44%).
  • Traditional media including, radio, TV and films are still core to music discovery in Australia, but the most popular method is YouTube (26% of Aussies).

“The survey findings help us explain the attitudes that underpin consumer behaviours – they join the dots so we can understand how Australians connect with music through different access points from streaming services to purchasing tickets to live performances,” said Carey.

VMDO general manager Bonnie Dalton added: “We know that Victorian music businesses are experts at connecting with music fans. These new insights highlight our potential to engage deeper with causal music consumers from across Australia.”

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