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Cardi B outplays Taylor Swift, The Weekend & Ed Sheeran on Apple Music with debut album

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Cardi B outplays Taylor Swift, The Weekend & Ed Sheeran on Apple Music with debut album

Debut albums seldom set streaming records—but Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy has racked up 100 million streams on Apple Music in its first week.

It set a new record for a female artist on the service, doubling that of the previous female record holder, Taylor Swift’s Reputation from 2017.

Invasion of Privacy is now the fifth most-streamed album ever on Apple Music, passing The Weeknd’s Starboy and Ed Sheeran’s Divide.

 In addition, her team-up with Latin powerhouses Bad Bunny and J. Balvin, ‘I Like It’ is the most streamed song on the album worldwide.

Cardi B’s achievement also indicates Apple Music’s strength with hip-hop fans.

The one-time stripper turned rapper has struck the biggest chord of global break-throughs in the past 12months.

Her sassy rhymes include:

“I just want to break up all your shit/Call your mama phone, let her know that she raised a bitch!”

“Is she a stripper, a rapper or a singer? / I’m busting bucks in a Bentley Bentayga / Ride through your hood like “Bitch, I’m the mayor!”

“They said by now that I’ll be finished, hard to tell. My little 15 minutes lasted long as hell, huh?”

“I’ma make a bowl of cereal with a teaspoon of bleach / Serve it to you like, ‘Here you go, nigga, bon appétit'”

“Ya bitch wanna party with Cardi”

“Pop that pussy like poppin’ pussy is goin’ out of style / Pop that pussy while you work, pop that pussy up at church / Pop that pussy on the pole, pop that pussy on the stove / Make that pussy slip and slide like you from the 305.”

Invasion of Privacy is predicted by Variety to debut at #1 on this week’s Billboard chart – making her the fifth female rapper to top the chart, alongside Nicki Minaj (twice), Eve, Foxy Brown and Lauryn Hill.

The Cardi B album generated over 2.6 million tweets since its release.

She has more than 3 million Twitter followers, 85% of which she’s picked up in the past year.

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