News February 7, 2019

Can you help kick-start the Night Time Economy in NSW?

Can you help kick-start the Night Time Economy in NSW?

authorities encourage more businesses to help kick-start the (NTE) – in volume and diversity – across the state.

These include outlets for music and entertainment, food and drinks, books, fashion, retail and a thriving art scene.

The Department of Planning and Environment concedes that opening one can be “exciting, but navigating the planning and licencing systems can be challenging”.

Hence, with some help from the Live Music Office and others, it’s published the Guide for Establishing and Managing Night Time Economy Uses.

The guide is aimed at future business owners, current owners wanting to expand their day business to night time, and for local councils as a reference.

It includes:

* A step by step guide to shaping your proposal, the approvals process, including the development application (DA) and liquor licence process

* What the NTE is and how development within this sector requires additional considerations during the DA process

* Common NTE uses and corresponding land use definitions to help guide you through the DA process

* Examples of council policy and processes from across NSW to highlight that every council has subtle differences that need to be acknowledged when navigating the approvals process

* Relevant NSW legislation

Download the guide here.

NSW Minister for Planning Anthony Roberts said, “Vibrant places after dark are fundamental to the success of our social and cultural sectors, along with the economic prosperity of our state.

“Accordingly, the government is committed to further supporting NSW’s night time economic and social activity by providing the assistance you need to establish and operate a thriving business within the night time economy sector.”

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